Treasures of Joy Corporation is a non-profit organization created to restore broken lives and restore broken homes.

In assessing the needs of our community, we began to realize that there was a vast amount of homes and neighborhoods that have been neglected and are in need of repair or restoration. We also realized that our community is filled with people who are battling addiction and are trying to find a way to repair their broken lives with very ew resources to assist in that process.  So, the purpose of Treasures of Joy Corporation is to provide training and other support to those recovering from addictions or incarceration. The work that we provide involves acquiring deteriorating houses in our community and renovating them to more modern standards in order to be safe.


Provide support for those individuals who are recovering from addiction or incarcerations by providing mental health evaluations, employment training opportunities and disciple making opportunities.

We acquire deteriorating houses in our community and renovate them to provide more modern and safer places to live.

Restoring deteriorating houses within the community will allow for property management to ensure that the residents and the houses are safe. Community Watch will also provide a measure of feeling safe for those residing in the transitional housing.